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Jane Austen voor iedereen € 15,50
Jane Austen voor iedereen

In juli 2017 was het precies 200 jaar geleden dat Jane Austen stierf, maar: ze is nog springlevend. Jane Austen heeft fanclubs, een museum en zelfs een eigen festival, eens in de paar jaar wordt een van haar romans verfilmd en als zij nu nog had geleefd was ze rijk geweest van alle merchandise rondom haar naam. Van pleisters tot gympen: je kunt het zo gek niet bedenken of er is wel een product waar Jane Austen op te vinden is. Maar wie wás deze Engelse schrijfster eigenlijk? En waarom spreken Pride and Prejudice en haar andere boeken tweehonderd jaar na dato nog zo tot de verbeelding? Austenkenners en -liefhebbers Anke Werker en Sanne van der Bruggen nemen ons in dit rijk geïllustreerde boek mee naar het Engeland van Jane Austen. Lees over haar jeugd en schrijversleven, haar familieleden en de mode uit haar tijd, maak een heerlijk recept à la Jane of doe de Jane Austenquiz en ontdek op wie van haar personages je lijkt. Jane [Austen] voor iedereen geeft een frisse, Nederlandse kijk op die beroemde schrijfster waar iedereen weleens van gehoord heeft, maar die verder voor veel mensen nog een mysterie is.

The trial € 16,00
The trial

Franz Kafka (3 July 1883 - 3 June 1924) was a German-language writer of novels and short stories who is widely regarded as one of the major figures of 20th-century literature. His work, which fuses elements of realism and the fantastic, typically features isolated protagonists faced by bizarre or surrealistic predicaments and incomprehen-sible social-bureaucratic powers, and has been interpreted as exploring themes of alienation, existential anxiety, guilt, and absurdity. His best known works include "Die Verwandlung" ("The Metamor-phosis"), Der Process (The Trial), and Das Schloss (The Castle). The term Kafkaesque has entered the English language to describe situations like those in his writing. Kafka was born into a middle-class, German-speaking Jewish family in Prague, the capital of the Kingdom of Bohemia, then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He trained as a lawyer, and after completing his legal education he was employed with an insurance company, forcing him to relegate writing to his spare time. Over the course of his life, Kafka wrote hundreds of letters to family and close friends, including his father, with whom he had a strained and formal relationship. He became engaged to several women but never married. He died in 1924 at the age of 40 from tuberculosis. Few of Kafka's works were published during his lifetime: the story collections Betrachtung (Contemplation) and Ein Landarzt (A Country Doctor), and individual stories (such as "Die Verwandlung") were published in literary magazines but received little public attention. Kafka's unfinished works, including his novels Der Process, Das Schloss and Amerika (also known as Der Verschollene, The Man Who Disappeared), were ordered by Kafka to be destroyed by his friend Max Brod, who nonetheless ignored his friend's direction and published them after Kafka's death. His work went on to influence a vast range of writers, critics, artists, and philosophers during the 20th century.

Swann's way € 25,00
Swann's way

Valentin Louis Georges Eugène Marcel Proust, French: 10 July 1871 – 18 November 1922) was a French novelist, critic, and essayist. He is considered by many to be one of the greatest authors “Remembrance of things past” is one of the greatest triumphs of the world literature.

An eye for an eye € 12,95
An eye for an eye

Clarence Seward Darrow; April 18, 1857 - March 13, 1938) was an American lawyer, leading member of the American Civil Liberties Union, and prominent advocate for Georgist economic reform. He defended teenage thrill killers Leopold and Loeb in their trial for murdering 14-year-old Robert "Bobby" Franks (1924). Some of his other cases included defending Ossian Sweet, and John T. Scopes in the Scopes "Monkey" Trial (1925), in which he opposed William Jennings Bryan (statesman, orator, and three-time presidential candidate). Called a "sophisticated country lawyer", his wit made him one of the most famous American lawyers and civil libertarians.

Lost in London € 11,95
Lost in London

Engelse easy reader op A2-niveau. Spannend en herkenbaar verhaal voor jongeren.Malick and his family are on holiday in London. It is fun, but there is a problem: his parents’ plans are so boring! Malick wants to go into London alone with his younger sister Amina. He thinks they are old enough. And they have a mobile phone, so they can call their parents if there is a problem. His parents don’t like it, but in the end, they say, “ok.” Malick and Amina are happy. But then ... Een herkenbaar verhaal voor iedereen die wel eens verdwaald is geweest in een vreemde stad. Niveau A2 Leeftijd 12-16 Bevat een woordenlijst Engels-Nederlands.